Want to sell your brand abroad without barriers? Profitable export to Europe and other countries.


Is there a demand for goods from abroad?
Make cooperation with companies via Eldimir.


The entire process of selling / purchasing goods
will always be consistent with the law.


Find the best partners on favorable terms that will only increase your income when importing or exporting goods.


Get answers to your questions and complete advice from our experts. Then get ready to sell or buy goods all around the world.


Finding partners

You already have companies with which you are interested in making a turnover. But you don't know how to import into your country?


Making a deal

Considering all the nuances and requirements, we conclude a deal with you and agree on the delivery of goods through Uzbekistan. The whole process will be accompanied by official documents.


Deliveryof goods

Having made sure of the successful delivery of goods to us, we begin preparations for delivery to Russia. As a result, both parties achieve their goals in favorable terms.

Our advantages

Why should you trust your import/export to Eldimir?

Any type of transport

Transportation of goods takes place on the basis of preferences and price negotiation. Regardless of the choice of type of transportation, the goods will be delivered in a short time.

Safe transportation

We guarantee that your goods will go and reach your partners safe and sound. Safe transportation and constant monitoring of the process will contribute to the delivery of goods in perfect condition.

Enlarge the borders

Do you have issues that interfere with sales? We're here to solve them. Our company is ready to expand geography of your business even in hard-to-reach places. Trust delivery to us to any part of the world.


Through this steps you visually see how our work is clean and reliable.
Every item and every detail will always
be discussed with you and then recorded in official documents.

Trust your turnover to Eldimir

Our company is ready to provide solutions to import and export problems in the best possible way. Deliver your goods to different countries through Uzbekistan without unnecessary difficulties. Be sure that Eldimir will help you achieve your goals and expand the geography of your sales.

Experience of the company in the field of trade

7 Years

Delivery safety guarantee


Variety of goods